It’s a Unicorn! …… A pony tale……….


Here I am, in my field, happily munching on tiny bits of grass, when my owner comes along, calling out my name.  “Oooh! I might be in for a treat…maybe a carrot or a mint!” Full of excitement I trot over to her and nuzzle up…. If I roll on my back she might give me a good scratch which will send me into seventh heaven……

What’s this?  She’s grabbed my forelock and is twisting it … it doesn’t hurt but it’s not what I want.  I begin to back away, prepared to run at full gallop back to the top of the field, maybe throwing a double buck along the way, so she knows not to mess with a feisty mini Shetland!


Too late! She has anticipated my exit strategy and pulls out a polo.  What a cunning plan! She knows I’ll do anything for a mint.  As I crunch down on the delicious treat, smacking and licking my lips, my loving owner finishes her task.  I feel a gentle breeze around my forehead that is quite pleasant.

After a while, she gives me a big hug and bends down to admire her handiwork.  “Mmmmm… lovely little Unicorn” she coos – and sets up a photo of us. I smile inwardly, making sure my best side is to the camera.

Wait a minute! Unicorn! that’s the stuff of legends; a bedtime story from foal days.  I stare at her, filled with embarrassment. How will I live this down. I hang my head in shame when a neighbour calls over, “Oh what a lovely little pony! Is she a unicorn for the day? ”   Coming into the field, she asks for a photo with me.  “Here’s a carrot for your trouble”

Hey, I think I’ll maybe go guising as a Unicorn and collect carrots and mints!

Every cloud has a silver lining!