The dark season – changes on the farm

Life on the farm is different now.  Darkness creeps in like a silent shadow, chasing away early evening dusk, the temperature dropping in response.  I hurry along the road towards the farm, clothes layered on, scarf, hat,gloves with thermal  liners inside my wellies , my face cold with the brutal night air. Is my nose still attached, shining like a beacon? I can’t tell, shiver, shiver, shivering along.

My mind turned towards a diary entry made on the 13 September – now so long ago…… I recorded the following…..

‘ The nights are drawing in – almost dusk by 8pm.  grey white cottony clouds scud slowly,lazily as though stretched out to make the most of the last rays of day.  All is quiet on the farm tonight. Gentle birdsong, a twittering evening melody. Lots of different chirrups, some higher and faster than others. Are they exchanging gossip or announcing territorial rights on their branch or bit of roof I wonder. I guess they are preparing for their epic flight although most have left for this year – be safe on your journey little birds.  The sound is soothing.

In the dusk, stable light on, I sit on an old stool and quieten my mind. A gentle rumble in the distance – hard working farmers in their tractors preparing for the oncoming harvest.  Suddenly a too loud buzz approaches alarmingly close by! Is it a bee or a hornet? Sitting watching me from a distance a few feet away is beautiful Tilly. We blink at one another – cat like. She seems relaxed yet always on alert for a beetle to bother and flip on its back, or a rodent to chase, perhaps a rabbit to run after or a chicken to frighten.  A dog barks and she starts with a jump.

As I sit looking at her, something special happens.  Tilly spies a pebble and plays like a kitten, arching and punching at the pebble.  She lies on her back, stretched out, legs and front paws yoga like. Suddenly the mood is broken. Something catches her attention and she is  gone – off for a journey.  I smile. Warm inside.  This little feline has never played before. My heart melts for this resilient little wonder cat.

There’s that buzzing again! I cannot see what’s making the whirring noise, but it sounds too close for my liking and I stand up ready to run from the small winged creature, as though it were a poisoned dart heading in my direction.  It’s getting darker now. Ducks and chickens checked – all safely tucked into their homes.  I’d better prepare the stables for the mini equines before it gets too dark.


Peace, Stillness, Happiness.  Small tiny pleasures. Soul food repairing tattered weary mind.       Ahh well. Memories might keep me going through the dark season of chilly winter.